Stora Enso

Anjalankoski, Finland
Boiler 150 MW (320 t steam/h)
Fuel: Wood chip, bark, domestic waste (very dirty boiler)

Before Smart Blasting

  • Unscheduled shutdowns every 3–5 weeks
  • Traditional cleaning (water) result unsufficient

After Smart Blasting

  • 4 scheduled shutdowns / year
  • Excellent cleaning result

Improved efficiency 30 %


UPM Pietarsaari

Pietarsaari, Alholmen, Finland
World’s largest biomass boiler
Fuel: Wood chip

Before Smart Blasting 

  • 8 years of cleaning with Hydro Jet
  • ”Clean boiler”, no need for yearly cleaning

After Smart Blasting 

  • Started 2015
  • 80 ton deposits removed
  • Improved sales 50MW

Improved efficiency 9%