Clean Steel is a worlds first boiler health company. We have developed a better way to clean power plant boilers. Our Smart Blasting solution is faster, safer and more cost-effective way clean boiler surfaces. Smart blasting is always carried out by trained professionals, with our expertise you can turn downtime into an investment. Read more here.



We are here to maximize your boiler performance. We seek passionately ways to maintain the best possible energy output from Power Plants and make their life-cycles last longer. As a result we help you to improve 
efficiency and make better business.


Our services improve the efficiency of the power plants, reduce the fuel consumption and cut down emissions. We also constantly improve our working methods and seek more environmentally friendly ways to maximize boiler performance.


Clean Steel is established in Finland year 2011. Founded by Mr. Hannu Laitomaa who has over 35 years working experience in power plants maintenance. Mr. Laitomaa was the first one in the world to use slag as an abrasive, this innovation is the basis of our Smart Blasting solution. Since the beginning we have been growing double digits and expanded our operational environment to global scale.