Expert in boiler fouling management

Clean Steel is an expert company that specialises in boiler fouling and corrosion management. Our Smart BlastingTM method guarantees the best cleaning results in the field. The method improves the boiler’s performance and efficiency ratios immediately.


Removes fouling and stops corrosion

The Smart Blasting™ method cleans all types of boilers and heat exchangers quickly and efficiently. A modern blasting technique stops corrosion and removes even the most embedded fouling safely without damaging the heat exchange surfaces. Smart Blasting™ was developed to improve boiler efficiency. Thorough cleaning reduces fuel costs and improves the boiler’s efficiency ratios. Professional and frequent cleaning increases the boiler’s service life and reliability.


If you value efficient and smooth operations.


An effective method for better results

Already over half of the energy producing power boilers in Finland are cleaned using Clean Steel’s Smart BlastingTM method. The method has also been tested for cleaning sodium boilers. A good reputation increases demand, and our first projects abroad started in 2017. Try our Smart BlastingTM method and discover our level of expertise and the value and benefits of our services to your boiler’s performance.



If you value efficient and smooth operations.

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