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Clean Steel’s expertise supports the green ideology of energy markets

We develop fouling and corrosion management methods in collaboration with VTT.

With the Smart BlastingTM method, power plant boilers can be used more effectively with a lower fuel load, reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The shift from fossil fuels to bio-based fuels supports Clean Steel’s responsible growth strategy. The widespread use of cheaper bio-based fuels, such as household waste, causes more fouling to heat exchange surfaces which in turn increases the demand for Clean Steel services. Clean Steel is a forerunner in its field who sees the transition of the energy market both as a great environmental accomplishment and a great export opportunity for Finnish expertise.

The experience gained in Finland, the expertise developed over the years, the verifiable results and the recognition from customers have enabled Clean Steel to expand its services abroad. The Finnish fouling management expert is particularly interested in the Brazilian, Spanish, Portuguese, Asian and North American markets. Clean Steel’s first projects abroad were carried out in 2017.

Clean Steel actively develops solutions for fouling management and steady energy production in collaboration with the VTT Technology Research Center of Finland. The challenging cleaning processes are carried out by specially trained, hard-working professionals.


Clean Steel is one of the world’s first expert companies who specialises in fouling and corrosion management of energy producing boilers and heat exchange surfaces. Our Smart BlastingTM method removes all fouling from heat exchange surfaces, efficiently and safely. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has studied the method and verified its ability to slow down the formation of new fouling. The thorough cleaning process is carried out by our specially trained professionals.


We help power plants acknowledge the benefits of clean boilers as a significant part of profitable business operations. We clean power plant boilers using a method which ensures that boilers run with higher efficiency and/or lower fuel cost. We develop solutions for fouling management and steady energy production.


Our services not only improve energy efficiency in power plants, but also reduce fuel consumption and emissions. We aim for better customer experiences as well as effective and environmentally friendly results. We wish to be a responsible and encouraging employer to our trained fouling management professionals.


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