Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi

Clean Steel’s Smart BlastingTM method replaced old cleaning methods at Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi Oy’s (Neve) energy production plants and provided remarkable cleaning results on all heat exchange surfaces.

At the Suosiola power plant in Rovaniemi, heat and electricity are produced mainly by burning milled peat and wood chips. The superheaters of three power plant boilers were cleaned with water during annual shutdown maintenance. In addition, the test-line pipes required separate sandblasting.

“This time, we were able to carry out other work during cleaning. Now that water did not leak to the lower levels of the boiler, we were able to simultaneously carry out other maintenance work below the boiler. The cleaning operation was efficiently completed in a few days, as agreed. Also, costs corresponded to the initial estimates,” says Jukka Hyrkäs, who operated as Neve’s Maintenance Manager at the time.

Clean Steel’s crew at the shutdown site was very professional and respectful of Neve’s safety regulations. The final inspection was carried out thoroughly and in consensus.



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