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Klabin Telêmaco, Brasil

Klabin is the leading manufacturer of paper and board packaging products and industrial bags in Brazil. Last April, Clean Steel’s Smart BlastingTM cleaning method was tested at Telêmaco’s pulp mill, on a power boiler that mainly uses eucalyptus as fuel. Steam production increased remarkably immediately after the Smart BlastingTM cleaning process. The direct financial benefits achieved during the first six months amounted to 2,500,000 Brazilian reals (approx. 650,000 euros). If steam production remains as efficient until the end of the running period, the overall benefits achieved by the process will amount to 5,000,000 reals (1.3 million euros). The partial cleaning carried out in the spring will be followed by a larger project next year, when a similar Smart BlastingTM cleaning process will be carried out for the entire boiler. Based on the current experience, the customer is expecting to benefit over 9,000,000 reals (over 2.3 million euros) from this project altogether.

Results after Smart BlastingTM treatment:

  • 4.8 tons more steam per hour
  • approx. 650,000 euros of financial benefit during the first 6 months
  • excellent cleaning results

Steam production increased remarkably immediately after the Smart BlastingTM cleaning process.

Stora Enso Anjalankoski

Stora Enso is a global provider of renewable packaging, biomaterial, wood and paper solutions. Before Clean Steel’s fouling removal treatment at Anjalankoski mills in Kouvola, the mills suffered from unexpected maintenance shutdowns approximately once a month. The 150-megawatt power plant boiler burning wood chips, bark and paper waste became dirty quickly, causing many problems for boiler operation. The traditional cleaning methods tested at Anjalankoski were unimpressive and the problem remained unsolved.

Results after Smart BlastingTM treatment:

  • 4 schedules shutdowns / year
  • excellent cleaning results
  • no extra shutdowns due to fouling

With Clean Steel’s method, boiler efficiency increases by 30%.

Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi

At the Suosiola power plant in Rovaniemi, heat and electricity are produced mainly by burning milled peat and wood chips. The superheaters of three power plant boilers were cleaned with water during annual shutdown maintenance. In addition, the test-line pipes required separate sandblasting. Clean Steel’s Smart BlastingTM method replaced the traditional cleaning methods and provided remarkable cleaning results on all heat exchange surfaces. Unlike before, we were able to carry out some of the maintenance work simultaneously with the boiler cleaning.

“Cooperation with Clean Steel went smoothly. The operation remained well on schedule.”
Maintenance Manager Jukka Hyrkäs


Vantaa Energy

Vantaa Energy (Vantaan Energia) is one of the largest city energy companies in Finland. In 2018, during the shutdown maintenance at Vantaa Energy’s waste-to-energy plant (completed in 2014), Clean Steel cleaned two plant boilers from slag and fouling. Annual maintenance is important for boiler efficiency and operation.

Clean Steel’s Smart Blasting™ method turned out to be a quick and efficient dry cleaning method and boilers were cleaned within the agreed time frame. Watch and be amazed »



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