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How does the Smart BlastingTM method work?

The Smart BlastingTM method removes all fouling from power plant boilers, stops corrosion and forms a protective layer on the surfaces. The method, studied by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, removes 100% of the fouling without damaging the boiler’s heat exchange surfaces.

To which plants is the method best suitable for?

The cleaning method is suitable for all types of boilers. We mainly clean power boilers, however, the cleaning method is suitable for all heat exchange surfaces. Our customers include, among others, paper and pulp factories, waste incinerators and power plants.

How does the Smart BlastingTM method differ from traditional cleaning methods?

Smart BlastingTM is a dry cleaning method. Smart Blasting is a unique cleaning method where fouling is removed from metal surfaces by blasting, using special slag. The Smart BlastingTM method cleans power plant boilers thoroughly and usually much more efficiently than other cleaning methods.

How often should the cleaning be carried out?

Typically 1 or 2 times a year, depending on the need. The frequency of need can be predicted by the power plant’s fuel utilisation, which in turn directly affects how quickly the boiler becomes dirty. Some power plant boilers require thorough cleaning only during annual maintenance while others require more systematic fouling protection. We conduct boiler-specific cleaning recommendations and provide our expert opinion for each boiler.

What are the instant benefits of boiler cleaning?

The thorough cleaning of power plant boilers improves boilers’ performance and efficiency ratios immediately. Using expert services is justifiably a profitable investment. It delivers measurable results and enhances the customers’ business operations.

8 reasons for choosing Smart BlastingTM

  • 100% fouling removal
  • Stops corrosion
  • No prewash
  • 1.5 faster than other methods
  • Forms a protective oxide layer
  • Slows down the formation of further fouling
  • Boiler efficiency increases by 9–30 percent
  • 100% customer satisfaction
These facts are based on Clean Steel’s customer inquiry and reports from customers.

Expert services by true professionals

Our specially trained professionals carry out the challenging Smart BlastingTM cleanings, respecting mutually set goals and schedules. The professional attitude and efficient operations of our workers ensure the best cleaning results. We carry out a preliminary assessment in all our project sites in order to determine the need and extensiveness of the cleaning project.

The results speak for themselves

High-quality fouling management and boiler efficiency optimisation

Power plant boiler cleaning using the Smart BlastingTM method

  • improves the boiler’s performance and efficiency ratios immediately
  • prevents the fouling of heat exchange surfaces
  • minimises corrosion
  • minimises unscheduled boiler shutdowns
  • helps to optimise production
  • increases understanding regarding the cost efficiency of effective boiler cleaning, and
  • increases the boiler’s service life and reliability.



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