Traditional blasting methods aren´t enough to meet todays efficiency, speed and safety requirements. Our innovative Smart Blasting solution avoids the problems of the traditional cleaning methods (no water, no sand & fewer dust) and removes even the hardest grit that leads to better performing power plants.

Smart Blasting is the best way to maximize your boiler performance.

  • 1,5 x faster
  • No water used
  • 2x less dust
  • All slag removed
  • 100% customer satisfaction*
  • 9-30% improved efficiency

* Based on Clean Steel customer survey 2016

Watch Smart Blasting in action, click here.



Short term benefits

  • Efficiency ratio goes up
  • Less fuel needed
  • Improved heat transfer
  • Better flue gas flow
  • Less sootblowing needed

Long term benefits

  • Better overall efficiency ratio
  • Less corrosion
  • Less erosion
  • Longer life cycles for critical
    components, super heaters
    and economizers


Done by professionals

Smart Blasting is carried out by trained professionals. All of our employees have had special training for the method and their expertise elevates the end result and shorten the lead time.


Cost or investment

Cleaning as cost

  • Cheap but inefficient methods or no cleaning at all
  • Only parts of the boilers are cleaned
  • Corrosion
  • Unscheduled shutdowns
  • Operating efficiency not optimised
  • No fact-based understanding of the costs of the uncleaned boilers
  • Critical components are constantly renewed

Cleaning as investment

  • Best possible method that leads to best possible cleaning result
  • Whole boiler is cleaned regularly
  • Corrosion minimised
  • No unscheduled shutdowns
  • Always thriving for better performance
  • Years of experience of the costeffectiveness of the boiler cleaning
  • Extended life-cycle of the boilers